Wedding Songs for a Special Day

Welcome to Songs For A Wedding, your official number one source for wedding songs online! Browse through our various genres of music and become acquainted with songs by watching their videos and reading the lyrics. This helps you to choose the perfect music that will be fitting for a special theme or situation at your wedding. Love a particular song? Leave a comment on that page and then share it on Facebook! Need some help? Ask your wedding party to come on our site and each choose 3 different songs that they like, send you their lists, and then you can come listen to each song and narrow down your list.

Looking for a special tune to dance with your Mother or Father? We have those too! Sit down with them and go through the list and find that special song that tugs at both your hearts. You can choose from the great oldies to the modern and hip current hits. No matter what you choose, it will always be a special song from that time on between you and your Mother or Father.


Need a rockin’ tune to throw the bouquet or toss that garter? We have current hits that you can listen to that we know your reception party will enjoy.

From walking down the aisle to taking in that last dance, music plays an important role in your big day. Your guests will often remember your wedding by the type of music that was played during the ceremony and reception. Needless to say, it is very important to start early with planning your play list.

Weddings require a lot of planning for all aspects and your reception shouldn’t be any different. Think about it… your guests will not remember in 5 years what color the flowers were on your table, but they will remember doing the cha cha dance on the dance floor with you!

Browse by genre or by category to find the best songs. If you can’t seem to find a song then you can always choose to search for keywords in lyrics in the search box. Simply type in a keyword or more and hit enter on your keyboard for relevant song results to start coming up for your browsing.

There is so much to do and plan that you should probably go ahead and start your planning process here and now. While you are searching for the perfect songs for your wedding, why not also find wedding favors and bridal shower favors for your special day? Grab a pencil and paper and start browsing our extensive collection of music!